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Programming Two-Wire Smoke Detectors (PC1616/1832/1864 V4.2) Panels2018-04-02T13:32:25-04:00

Application Notes

Two-Wire Smoke Detectors (PC1616/1832/1864 V4.2)


POWER SERIES (PC1616/1832/1864 V4.2)


Two-wire smoke detectors use PGM2 of the main control panel and therefore do not take up a zone.
Programming two-wire smoke detectors is a three-step process:

– Program the PGM2 for two-wire smoke support
– Wire the two-wire smoke detector

Program Sections:

[009] PGM Output Programming

Step 1 – Program PGM2

In Section [009], program PGM2 as data [04] (two-wire smoke support).

Step 2 – Wiring Two-wire Smoke Detectors

Connect the two-wire smoke detector to Aux+ (+) and PGM2 (-). Connect additional two-wire smoke
detectors daisy chained from the previous one. At the last smoke detector, connect a 2.2K-Ohm resistor
across the (+) and (-) terminals.

Technical Tips:

1. Do not connect heat detectors to PGM2. They must be connected to a zone input.
2. To reset two-smoke detectors, press [*] [7] [2] (or the RESET function key). The panel will remove
power from PGM2 for five (5) seconds.

Quick Test:

Create an alarm on a two-wire smoke detector. Verify the siren activates and the panel reports the two-wire
smoke or auxiliary input alarm found in Section [329].

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The TIA/EIA 568-A standard which was ratified in 1995, was replaced by the TIA/EIA 568-B standard in 2002 and has been updated since. Both standards define the T-568A and T-568B pin-outs for using Unshielded Twisted Pair cable and RJ-45 connectors for Ethernet connectivity. The standards and pin-out specification appear to be related and interchangeable, but are not the same and should not be used interchangeably.

T-568A Straight-Through Ethernet Cable


T-568B Straight-Through Ethernet Cable



Both the T-568A and the T-568B standard Straight-Through cables are used most often as patch cords for your Ethernet connections. If you require a cable to connect two Ethernet devices directly together without a hub or when you connect two hubs together, you will need to use a Crossover cable instead.

RJ-45 Crossover Ethernet Cable


A good way of remembering how to wire a Crossover Ethernet cable is to wire one end using the T-568A standard and the other end using the T-568B standard. Another way of remembering the color coding is to simply switch the Green set of wires in place with the Orange set of wires. Specifically, switch the solid Green (G) with the solid Orange, and switch the green/white with the orange/white.




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