Application Notes

Two-Wire Smoke Detectors (PC1616/1832/1864 V4.2)


POWER SERIES (PC1616/1832/1864 V4.2)


Two-wire smoke detectors use PGM2 of the main control panel and therefore do not take up a zone.
Programming two-wire smoke detectors is a three-step process:

– Program the PGM2 for two-wire smoke support
– Wire the two-wire smoke detector

Program Sections:

[009] PGM Output Programming

Step 1 – Program PGM2

In Section [009], program PGM2 as data [04] (two-wire smoke support).

Step 2 – Wiring Two-wire Smoke Detectors

Connect the two-wire smoke detector to Aux+ (+) and PGM2 (-). Connect additional two-wire smoke
detectors daisy chained from the previous one. At the last smoke detector, connect a 2.2K-Ohm resistor
across the (+) and (-) terminals.

Technical Tips:

1. Do not connect heat detectors to PGM2. They must be connected to a zone input.
2. To reset two-smoke detectors, press [*] [7] [2] (or the RESET function key). The panel will remove
power from PGM2 for five (5) seconds.

Quick Test:

Create an alarm on a two-wire smoke detector. Verify the siren activates and the panel reports the two-wire
smoke or auxiliary input alarm found in Section [329].